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Call for content 

We are looking for original writing on visual culture, networked photography, and our digital lives.


Send us your submissions for screentime issue 01. 

What we want: Writing that takes networked photography as a starting point for scrutinising society, culture and politics. Socially engaged analysis of the images we see on screens. Deep dives into online subcultures. Exposes on digital accessibility. Stories about the human labour behind the internet. Investigations into Big Tech biases. Conversations with photographers/artists working with networked images. Conversations with people who know more about networked images than most photographers/artists. Creative writing with a critical edge. Personal essays with a point. Infographics. Clarity. 

What we don’t want: Writing that isn’t about photography or the internet. Writing that assumes all influencers are shallow, everything on Facebook is fake news and smartphones don’t count as cameras. Inconclusive musings. Overbearing references to Derrida, Debord, Deleuze, Guattari, Foucault, Barthes, Berger, Baudrillard… Dissertations, manifestos, artist statements. Question-and-answer interviews. Artspeak. Writing about visual culture that doesn’t go deeper than the visuals.

  • We welcome the submission of both completed pieces and pitches. (If you send us a completed article, we can’t guarantee we will publish it.)

  • Articles should be between 500-1000 words.

  • If pitching, please outline your idea in 200-250 words. 

  • Please link us to any other work — writing or otherwise — when you pitch.

  • We offer £40 for selected submissions.

  • Submissions for Issue 01 are now closed, but we are always happy to discuss ideas.

  • Contact us here.

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