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We want original writing about networked visual culture and our ever more online lives. 

By ‘networked visual culture’ we mean the images we see through screens, and the infrastructure that gets them there - photographs and videos uploaded to the internet, memes, screengrabs, games, citizen journalism, computer vision, clickbait, cctv, filters, drone footage, body cams, VR, AR, etc - as well as art that engages with such images.




Well researched pieces centred on a specific image. Surprising primary sources. Deep dives into digital subcultures. Close scrutiny of surveillance technologies. Hot takes on the climate crisis. Exposes on digital accessibility. TikTok users on the use of TikTok. Constructive thoughts about post post post post post post capitalism and the hidden labour that keeps the network flowing. The Metaverse and what we are going to do about it. Creative writing with a critical edge. Personal essays with a point. Dérives. Glitches.


Broad brush generalisations about our ‘image saturated society’. Inconclusive musings. Highbrow visual analysis of NFTs. Ignoring how the networks work. Dissertations. Artist statements. Poetry (prove us wrong). Post irony. Simulacrums, panopticons, punctums. The word ‘ontologies’. Unfounded claims. Reviews that just describe what you saw. Outdated distinctions between ‘the virtual’ and ‘the real’. International Art English.

the top of a 5G pylon against a blue sky with fluffy white clouds


  • Outline your idea in the body of an email, in no more than 250 words. No draft essays please.

  • Point us to the specific image/video(s) that you want to write about.

  • Link us to examples of your previous work, published or unpublished.

  • We offer £40 for selected submissions.

If we like your pitch, we will give you a word count and a deadline for your first draft (which can always be adjusted to suit your needs). We will work with you to structure and edit your piece until it is complete. 


We are an independent magazine, run by a voluntary team of two. It might take us a little while to get back to you.

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